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We run a number of programs through which our broad operations are divided and carried out for effective coordination. Below is the list of our programs and the technical partners we work with across the globe.

We conduct both development work and consultancy operations in the following field:

  • Fiscal policy for environmentally friendly agriculture;
  • Farm management practices;
  • agri-market evaluation;
  • agri-value chain assessment;
  • agricultural trade agreement and negotiation;
  • agricultural appraisal and investment analyses;
  • organic agriculture and international product certification;
  • institutional framework for agricultural development;
  • agroforestry in inclusive green growth development;
  • multi-stakeholder analyses and integration;
  • environmental policies and management;
  • landscape architecture and development;
  • agricultural development and environmental advisory services;
  • and Budget consult services.

Our natural resource program covers a list of areas like:

  • natural reserve assessment and development;
  • grazing reserve postulation, geolocation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • natural resource valuation;
  • forest inventory, biomass and carbon stock assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
  • carbon sequestration and trade assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
  • forest ecosystem service and function valuation;
  • hydrological resource assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
  • biodiversity assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
  • mineral resource assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
  • multi-scenario and multi-criteria assessment of natural resources;
  • environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment;
  • environmental modelling and climate change scenarios;
  • ecology and ecotourism

EERC livelihood and economic development program is centered primarily towards improving the lives of the smallholder farmers and rural households. Our operations and consultancy services under this program includes:

  • welfare assessment;
  • urban and rural poverty assessments;
  • food security assessment;
  • population demographics;
  • socioeconomics;
  • geoinformatics (slum monitoring);
  • labour dynamics;
  • multi-occupational value of life assessments;
  • multi-occupational hazard assessment;
  • access to credit and income assessments

As part of our goal to develop human capacity for sustainable development, EERC offers a list of capacity building activities like training, seminars, workshops, and short courses. We roll out a call on each of the specific topic based on needs

Kindly check back regularly or follow us on social media for next round of calls

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Phone: +2348131295805
Email: info@eerce.org
Address: EERC Building, Opposite FUNAAB Alabata Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.