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World Oceans Day 2023


Theme – “Planet Ocean: Tides are changing”. 

About 97% of the earth’s water can be found in the ocean. The ocean is the primary source of protein for more than a billion people worldwide, contributing at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen production and housing the majority of its biodiversity. Not to mention, our economy depends heavily on the water, with 40 million people expected to work in industries related to the ocean by 2030.

We are removing more from the ocean than it can replenish, with 90% of big fish populations decreasing and 50% of coral reefs being destroyed. Working together, we must establish a new equilibrium with the ocean, one that renews its vitality and gives it new life, rather than consuming its riches.

The world oceans day is to raise public awareness of the effects of human activity on the ocean, foster the growth of a global citizen movement for the ocean, organize and bring together the global community to work on a project for the sustainable management of the oceans.

This year’s theme “Planet Ocean: Tides are changing” is focused on shedding more light on the ocean’s wonder and its role as a vital resource for all life on Earth.

Recently, world leaders made a global commitment to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030 (30×30). To create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilize the climate, it’s imperative that 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean are protected.

EERC is raising awareness on the causes of the ocean depletion by urging the public to stop bushing burning, dumping of plastic wastes in water bodies, unclogging of drainage system, indiscriminate release of industrial waste, killing of endangered species etc.

We must take seriously fact that without proper care of the ocean the earth will suffer because no water, no life, no blue, and no green- Jaques Yves Costeau.

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